From the Desk of Steve Demetriou

October 26, 2021

It’s official! I am running for the Ohio House of Representatives. My mission has always been to embody integrity in the service of others. I learned that at West Point, as an Army Ranger, and as a small business owner. Most importantly, though, I’ve demonstrated servant leadership as a husband and a father.
You might be wondering why I decided to pursue public office? As I think about my family’s future, I am worried that Ohio is falling behind. Between Ohio’s stagnant population growth, our declining schools, and corruption roiling our state government- we need a change. We can’t expect different results when we continue to send the same-old, career politicians to Columbus. That’s why we need innovative and pragmatic conservative leaders to step up and make a change. I am committed to take on that responsibility for our community.

You know that I never quit, and that I always accomplish my mission. I will use my experiences as a military officer, a businessman, and a man of faith to hold our decision makers in Columbus accountable. Together, we can secure a better future for all Ohioans. Will you join my team?
I need your help to make the change Ohioans deserve and to show the establishment that we mean business. You can help me do that right now by donating $500, $250, $100, or even $20 today so that I can get my campaign off the ground. 

I look forward to hearing about the issues that are important to you, and how you think we can drive positive change right here in Ohio.

If you have any questions about my candidacy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected].

Steve Demetriou
Candidate, Ohio House of Representatives
[email protected]